Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with AZDJ Academy.  Here are your "5 Questions"

1.  What was your main goal for session 1 at AZDJ Academy?

Personally, I have/had many goals. However, among them all, my main goal was to obtain a better understanding of everything through a hands-on experience with someone that knows the industry. It's much better for me to get that hands-on experience than going online & watching a random video of some sort & trying to learn from that.

2.  Do you think your instructor was knowledgeable?

Without a doubt! The instructor shows that he knows the "ins & outs" of the industry & how it works. He's not somebody that picked up being a DJ as a hobby a short time ago & decided to teach others for a quick buck. He's been doing it for quite awhile & he is passionate about what he does. 

3.  Was the equipment provided adequate?

It is more than adequate. The instructor had the full studio setup. And above all, it was clean & neatly organized. 

4.  How was your overall experience? 

It's a great experience. The instructor made me feel welcomed from the moment I met him. And from there on out, he taught me things, answered any question I had, guided me through things I may have struggled with, & so much more! But the thing I enjoy most, is the level of communication I have with the instructor.

5.  Would you recommend AZDJ Academy to a friend? 

Yes. To anybody that wants to actually learn the trade, it's definitely something you should look into. AZDJ Academy will teach you the fine art of being a DJ.